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AI-assisted client messaging for real estate and property services.

Promote open houses, schedule viewings, and offer property advice - over messaging that leverages AI, syncs with your real estate tech stack, and complies with regulations.

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Why Conversive

Make your client engagement prompt and meaningful. At every moment.

Be Always Available

Enable 24x7 one-to-one engagement across diverse client-preferred messaging channels and touchpoints - by using an AI chatbot.

Leverage intelligence

Automatically handle property inquiries and send personalized recommendations and updates using an AI messaging copilot, integrated with your CRM.

Foster trust and accountability

Add an AI trust layer to your client messaging infrastructure to ensure permission-based, and compliant real estate interactions at all times.

Set up messaging on the fly

Get up and running with messaging without waiting on complex technical configurations - use pre-built use cases and AI-generated templates.

Leverage AI-assisted messaging to drive positive outcomes
for your real estate and property services.

Capture real estate inquiries

Message website leads and phone inquiries. Collect and record information from potential buyers or sellers interested in real estate properties.

Real Estate Capture Inquiries

Offer Property advice to buyers & Sellers

Suggest suitable properties to potential buyers. Consider budget, location, size, and amenities to match buyers with properties that align with their needs and preferences.

Consel Potential Candidates
Real Estate Offer Property Advice

Enable property negotiations

Mediate negotiations between buyers and sellers to reach mutually agreeable terms. Assisting both parties in understanding the market dynamics to strike a fair deal.

Real Estate Enable Negotiation
Real Estate Enable Negotiation

Coordinate property Repairs & maintenance

Oversee property maintenance tasks. Schedule repairs, inspections, and regular upkeep to ensure that properties are in good condition for potential buyers or tenants.

Real Estate Coordinate Repairs
Real Estate Coordinate Repairs

Coordinate property Repairs & maintenance

Solicit feedback and testimonials from your real estate clients. Measure their experience and satisfaction levels and identify areas for improvement.

Real Estate Get Client Feedback
readymade flows

Explore our ready-to-use AI-assisted message flows for
your real estate and property services lifecycle.

Qualify property inquiries

Gather requirements from new sellers, buyers, or tenants

Gather consent

Obtain consent to send property updates and promotions via messaging

Promote open houses

Advertise open houses to attract potential buyers or renters

Recommend properties

Suggest suitable properties to potential buyers or tenants

Schedule viewings

Arrange and coordinate property viewings for interested clients

Drive negotiations

Negotiate deals to secure favorable terms for both buyers and sellers

Gather property documents

Ensure necessary paperwork and documentation are in place


Coordinate repairs

Follow up on property maintenance and repair services

Real Estate Coordinate Repairs

Collect rent

Ensure timely rent collection and payment processing from tenants

Real Estate Collect Rent

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Explore Conversive AI-assisted messaging for your
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Success Stories

Learn how Conversive helps real estate and
property agencies succeed.


Get the right messaging solution for your real estate or property agency.


Let clients message you in their favorite channels (SMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook) from any touchpoint - your website, Zillow listing, email, social media account, or direct phone line!


Connect messaging with your property management systems and real estate CRM to centralize all buyer and seller communications. Help your agents send informed messages every time.


Deploy an AI chatbot to answer property inquiries 24x7, gather requirements, and answer questions. Automate repetitive tasks, such as promoting properties, confirming appointments, or follow-ups.


Adhere to industry regulations on property disclosures, fair housing, and advertising. Also ensure data privacy and compliance with messaging regulations such as 10DLC, GDPR, TCPA, CASL, and CCPA.


Involve back-office reps as well as on-field reps to effectively respond to client messages and requests. Create tasks, assign messages to team members, and manage responses in shared inboxes.



Stay connected with your clients even when you are on the move, showing properties, attending meetings, and networking. Automatically capture everything back into your CRM.

Hand With Smartphone

User Friendly

Uncomplicate real estate messaging. Easily edit templates, and add agents, and business phone numbers on your own. Set up campaigns and automated message triggers with zero IT skills.


Ensure high delivery rates for your property promotion and open house campaigns. Track response rates for individual agents. Also, analyze opt-ins and opt-outs for different message types.

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Know why digital-first real estate and property service providers love us.


Adopt messaging best practices for professional service providers and institutions

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Have a question?
Here to help!

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. If yours is not answered here, do not hesitate to email us [email protected].
Can I automate property showing reminder messages using Conversive?

Indeed. Conversive messaging connects with your CRM or meetings platform to track when a property showing is due and sends a reminder the day before, the hour before, or whenever you instruct it to.

Can I enable instant agent-client messaging using Conversive?

Yes! Conversive offers industry-leading capabilities for real-time, back-and-forth messaging between your business and your clients. What’s more, our mobile app will enable you to enjoy this on the go, while still keeping everything safe and synced in your real estate CRM.

Can I send personalized promotional messages about new property listing updates?

Absolutely. We offer a powerful campaign manager to send promotional messages. You can select a segment based on the client’s preferred property location. Then simply enter your message template, with a picture or link of the listed property to schedule the campaign. Or to run it right away. Conversive auto-personalizes the message by recipient name and more. And it is smart enough to know when an opt-out comes in, so it prevents spamming any of your precious client records.

Can Conversive integrate with our website and social media platforms?

Yes! Conversive offers embeddable messaging integrations for various digital touchpoints – buttons, links, and QR codes that you can add to your website and social media platforms for prospective property buyers and sellers to click or scan to message you.

Can Conversive help me comply with real estate industry regulations such as Fair Housing Act, Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA), Do-Not-Call List Regulations, and the like?

Yes. Conversive helps you comply with these regulations by way of recordkeeping all your message interactions for easy archival and retrieval – which makes auditing go smoothly. Secondly, it helps you honor opt-outs diligently to prevent outgoing messages from being to those who requested not to be contacted.

How does Conversive ensure security and compliance with data privacy regulations?

Conversive transmits messages using RSA 2048 encryption – messages are “unreadable, undecipherable and unusable”. We also don’t store any PII (Personally Identifiable Information) at our end. All information is ultimately saved into your secure customer information systems which are accessible only via authorized employee log-ins. 

Besides, the Conversive application is hosted in data centers in the U.S., Europe, and Australia. You can choose to store your data in any of these three locations. To ensure complete data security and privacy for our clients, we underwent ISO 27001 compliance certification in 2017.

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