Conversive evolves from SMS-Magic’s legacy of messaging excellence.Know More

Conversive evolves from SMS-Magic's messaging legacy.

Messaging has come a long way, from the cave paintings of pre-historic times to long-distance postal systems and telegraphy, to fax and email to texting and instant messaging. The next revolution in messaging is underway. And it is being fuelled by the latest advancements in AI.

When SMS-Magic was founded, in 2008, the world witnessed the boom of messaging. On one hand, SMS was gaining popularity as a potent channel for business-to-person messaging. On the other hand, new and promising messaging solutions were rising: WhatsApp, Social Media Messaging, Snapchat, WeChat, Video Messaging, Telegram, Signal, and so on. With each passing year, the signs grew only stronger. People love to message not just friends and family, but even businesses!

Our Conversive Story

Fast forward to 2023, and we are witnessing yet another revolution in messaging. Thanks to the recent pandemic making “digital-first” the norm for both play and work. Messaging is no longer just an alternative. It’s our preferred way to ‘get things done’. And it unlocks huge possibilities for businesses that involve high-stakes conversations (such as in finance, health, education, recruitment, real estate or law). Conversive is the messaging solution for such businesses that need timely and trusted one-to-one engagement for their very survival!

Taking our messaging legacy forward.


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The journey from SMS-Magic to Conversive


SMS-Magic is founded



SMS-Magic for Salesforce is launched


Milestone 1000 Customers

SMS-Magic crosses the first 1,000 customers


SMS-Magic for Zoho and the web is launched


SMS-Magic goes multichannel & crosses 3,000 customers.


AI Messaging

Conversive messaging for high-stakes conversations evolves from SMS-Magic’s 15-year legacy.


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Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. If yours is not answered here, do not hesitate to text us.

What is Conversive?

Conversive is a messaging solution for high-stakes conversations where positive outcomes depend on timely and trusted one-to-one engagement at every moment of truth in the customer lifecycle (such as finance, education, healthcare, staffing, real estate and law). With Conversive, you can handle inquiries, acquire new clients, candidates or patients and deliver services over messaging.

Conversive stems from SMS-Magic’s legacy of messaging excellence across 15+ years, 190+ countries, 3,000 customers across the globe, and 300MN messages every year. And builds upon SMS-Magic’s expertise in high-stakes industries, deep tech stack integrations, omnichannel capabilities, and ready-to-use configurations.

Why the change? Is SMS-Magic going away?

SMS-Magic, the brand, is becoming Conversive.
But SMS-Magic, the product is here to stay.

Under the new Conversive brand, SMS-Magic (the legacy product) will stay along with Conversive messaging (the upcoming flagship product).

There are, however, three reasons for launching Conversive.

  • Our brand has outgrown the “SMS label”
    It’s been a couple of years since we expanded into multiple messaging channels like Facebook Messenger, LINE, WhatsApp etc.
  • Conversations have the power to “convert”
    Personal interactions are key to selling high considerations services. Conversive symbolizes that messaging drives positive outcomes at every step of your client, candidate or patient engagement lifecycle.

  • We are embracing “AI”
    AI-assisted messaging scales up prompt and meaningful one-to-one engagement. Launching Conversive allows us reimagine messaging in the new AI world.

Conversive, thus allows us to offer you a wider, more powerful, more intelligent messaging solution. That said, SMS-Magic will stay as a legacy solution under Conversive, for anyone who wishes to continue with it.

What happens to SMS-Magic customers? Are you planning to move SMS-Magic customers to the new Conversive solution? If yes, when?

About six months from now, when Conversive messaging becomes generally available, SMS-Magic customers will have the option of:

(1) Switching to the new Conversive messaging solution
(2) Staying with the legacy SMS-Magic messaging solution

Why is Conversive better for me as a customer?

Conversive builds upon SMS-Magic’s messaging expertise to fulfill the four unique needs of high-stakes conversations. With Conversive, you can make one-to-one digital engagement with your clients, candidates or patients:

  1. Always available
  2. Intelligently automated
  3. Compliant and secure
  4. Ready to use

Conversive messaging, thus, ensures timely and trusted engagement and drives positive outcomes at every moment in your customer lifecycle.

Can we choose to continue with SMS-Magic and not switch to Conversive?

Yes, you can choose to continue with the SMS-Magic messaging solution as usual. As Conversive releases new features, some features will be incorporated into the SMS-Magic product as enhancements.

What changes are coming to your pricing plans? How much will Conversive subscription cost?

The new Conversive pricing will be published in the coming months. There shall, however, be no changes to the existing SMS-Magic pricing plans.

Should we switch to Conversive, what cultural changes can we expect? Would the customer service be any different?

We will continue to uphold our ethos of customer-centricity as usual. The same heads, hearts and hands will continue to lead and staff the company, and its product, sales and customer support teams. Your existing SMS-Magic customer service team will continue to support you if or when you move to Conversive.

Will you be collaborating with more partners? Can I choose the telecom partner I want to go with?

Both Conversive and SMS-Magic are committed to expanding our existing network of 59+ carriers across the world. It is very likely that we will collaborate with more telecom partners in the coming months. As today, you will continue to exercise a choice over which telecom partner you want to go with.

I am ready to try Conversive. Should I wait until you fully release Conversive?

We recommend you have an exploratory call with one of our solution experts to help define your needs and alignment with our Conversive solutions. We recommend you register for early access. Conversive will be generally available about six from now.

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