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Conduct intakes, set up consultations and offer legal advice over messaging.

Try Conversive messaging solution for your law firm. Enable timely and trusted one-to-one engagement with your litigants.

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Why Conversive

Litigant engagement = high-stakes conversations

Be always available

Be responsive to clients regardless of location, device, channel, or time with the help of an AI-powered omnichannel chatbo

Leverage intelligence

Get done more with AI messaging copilot helping you automate routine tasks, manage legal inquiries, and provide real-time case updates.

Foster trust and accountability

Strengthen legal compliance with an AI-powered trust layer to protect sensitive information, obtain consent, and honor opt-outs.

Set up messaging on the fly

Focus on lending your legal expertise, not IT infrastructure. Set up messaging swiftly using pre-built use cases and AI-generated templates.

Use messaging to drive positive outcomes for your law firm.

Conduct new client intakes

Gather initial information from potential clients to evaluate their legal needs. Find out if your law firm's services are a good fit for their case.

Law Client Intakes
Law Conduct New Client Intakes

Set up initial consultations

Schedule meetings with potential clients to discuss their legal issues. Evaluate the case's merits, and provide preliminary advice or recommendations.

Healthcare Book Consultation
Book Consultation optimized

Onboard new clients

Collect essential client details, explain the terms of representation, and sign agreements to formally initiate the attorney-client relationship.

Law Onboard New Clients

Exchange documents

Request and share relevant documents such as contracts, evidence, or legal notices with clients as well as with other parties involved in the case.

Healthcare Share Report Securely

Share trial updates

Keep clients informed about the progress of their cases. Provide updates on court dates, negotiation outcomes, and other developments.

Law Share Trial Updates
readymade flows

Explore ready-to-use message flows for your legal client lifecycle.

Conduct intakes

Gather information from potential clients to assess legal needs

Obtain consent

Collect opt-ins and permission to drive case interactions on messaging

Pre-screen clients

Seek case details to check suitability for representation

Set up consultations

Book appointments to offer preliminary advice on legal issues

Exchange documents

Share case files and information with clients and other parties


Offer legal advice

Provide professional guidance and counsel on legal matters

Share trial updates

Keep clients informed about case developments and legal proceedings

Share billable hours

Communicate the time spent and costs incurred on the case

Request testimonials

Ask satisfied clients for reviews to showcase positive experiences

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Learn how Conversive meets your law firm messaging needs.


Make it easy for prospective clients to message you from anywhere - your law firm's website, phone line, lawyer directories, or print ads. Start intake on channels clients prefer - SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook.


Automatically attach all message threads and files to the relevant case and client records in your case management system or law firm CRM like Litify. And integrate with your document management tools.

Global Coverage

Simplify attorney-client engagement across time zones with Conversive’s global messaging support. Enable remote work, coordinate with local counsel, and accept cross-border cases.


Ensure attorney-client privilege and adhere to e-discovery and advertising and solicitation rules. Comply with privacy and messaging regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, TCPA, CCPA, CASL, and more.


Forster collaboration for client engagement with shared inboxes, message routing, and alerts. Tag and organize messages to divide and conquer them. Leave internal notes for paralegals handling the client.



Deploy chatbots to automate new client intake or answer initial FAQs. Route messages to the right attorney or practice area. Automate pre-screening, case updates, hearing reminders, and more.

User Friendly

Focus on legal work and serving your client’s best interests instead of grappling with technology and IT infrastructure. Choose Conversive to manage all your client messaging without IT help.


Stay connected with your clients over messaging when you are on the road for court appearances, client site visits, investigations, mediations, depositions, or simply attending conferences and seminars.

Hand With Smartphone


Gather client engagement insights, optimize response times, evaluate content effectiveness, and track messaging compliance. Also, track message delivery rates and take corrective action if necessary.

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Know why digital-first law firms love us.


Adopt messaging best practices for professional service providers and institutions

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Have a question?
Here to help!

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. If yours is not answered here, do not hesitate to email us [email protected].
How does Conversive ensure secure case updates and confidential attorney-client communication over messaging?

Conversive transmits messages using RSA 2048 encryption – messages are “unreadable, undecipherable and unusable”. We also don’t store any PII (Personally Identifiable Information) at our end. All messages and files exchanged over messaging are ultimately saved into your secure case management systems rendering them accessible only by authorized personnel. Besides, the Conversive application is hosted in data centers in the U.S., Europe, and Australia. You can choose to store your data in any of these three locations. To ensure complete data security and privacy for our clients, we underwent ISO 27001 compliance certification in 2017.

Yes. You can share password-protected files using the Conversive messaging solution. You may alternatively use Conversive messaging to send and require OTPs to enable access to confidential legal documents on your portal.

Does Conversive enable easy search and retrieval of messages and conversations?

Yes. Conversive offers tight integration with your case management systems. It unifies and attaches all message exchanges under the right case and client records in a chronological fashion, for easy retrieval throughout the case lifecycle and beyond.

Using Conversive can I set message and document retention and deletion policies?

Yes. Conversive lets you control how long you want to store messages and documents exchanged over messages. And lets you securely delete them when necessary.

How can Conversive help me ensure attorney-client privilege?

You can promptly confirm client consent over messaging in a scenario where you need to share any case communication or document related to the client, to a third party. These messages are also saved into your internal systems serving as records for auditing.

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