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AI-assisted candidate messaging solution for staffing and recruitment services.

Market jobs, invite applications, and schedule job interviews - over messaging that leverages AI, syncs with your recruitment tech stack, and complies with regulations.

Why Conversive

Make your candidate engagement prompt and meaningful. At every moment.

Be always available

Engage candidates across the globe, in their preferred messaging channels and touchpoints with the help of our AI chatbot.

Leverage intelligence

Automate candidate interactions and send hiring updates at scale using AI-powered messaging integrations with your recruitment CRM.

Foster trust and accountability

Ensure confidentiality and fairness in all candidate communication and uphold ethical and legal standards using an AI trust layer in messaging.

Set up messaging on the fly

Simplify and speed up messaging configurations using AI-generated pre-built message templates. Eliminate extensive development.

Leverage AI-powered messaging to drive positive outcomes for your staffing or recruitment services

Promote new jobs and open positions

Announce newly available job positions to qualified and eligible candidates meeting the criteria. Raise awareness and invite applications to fill positions on time.

Counsel potential applicants

Provide guidance and support to potential candidates throughout the application process. Answer their questions on job requirements, company culture, and career growth.

Consel Potential Candidates
Staffing Counsel Applicants

Schedule hiring interviews

Coordinate and arrange interview appointments between hiring managers and prospective job candidates. Send reminders the day or the hour before to reduce no-shows.

Consel Potential Candidates

Speed up candidate verification

Request educational certificates, employment and address proofs, identification documents, and professional references to verify candidate credentials and background.

Consel Potential Candidates
Speed up candidate verification

Gather recruitment feedback

Collect feedback from employers and candidates about their hiring experience to measure satisfaction rates and improve the staffing processes and outcomes.

readymade flows

Explore our ready-to-use AI-assisted message flows for the staffing and recruitment lifecycle.

Register new candidates

Gather basic details from prospects to add them to the database

Gather consent

Build your opt-in list to promote open positions in a compliant manner

Market open positions

Advertise available job opportunities to attract potential candidates

Address candidate concerns

Respond to and resolve doubts raised by candidates

Invite job applications

Notify and encourage individuals to apply for vacant positions

Schedule interviews

Organize and arrange interview appointments for job candidates

Coordinate negotiation

Facilitate hiring discussions between employers and candidates

Verify documents

Validate and confirm the authenticity of the candidate's documents


Onboard candidates

Orient new hires to company culture, policies, procedures

Onboard candidate

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Success Stories

Learn how Conversive helps staffing and
recruitment professionals succeed.


Get the right messaging solution for your
staffing or recruitment agency.


Let candidates and recruiters message you when they hit your website, job listings, phone line, social media account, or email. Start a dialogue in their beloved channels  - SMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook.


Centralize all messages and files for each client and candidate within your Application Tracking System (ATS)  or your CRM system. Personalize promotional and automated messages using candidate info.

Global Coverage

Recruit globally using a messaging solution that supports communication and carrier integration across different regions and time zones. Reach clients and candidates worldwide through texting.


Adhere to privacy and messaging regulations such as 10DLC, GDPR, TCPA, CASL, and CCPA. Protect sensitive personal information. And save full message history in your CRM for auditing purposes.


Involve multiple team members in the recruitment process with shared inboxes. Enable seamless internal communication, sharing of candidate profiles, feedback, and updates on job opportunities.


Streamline messaging for repetitive tasks, such as sending out interview reminders, acceptance follow-ups, and status updates. Use AI to save time while maintaining consistency in communication.

User Friendly

Customize and configure your recruitment messaging solution without requiring advanced coding skills. Set up or modify message automation on your own directly from the front end.


Stay connected and respond promptly to team and candidate messages when you are on the move, attending events, or meeting clients. And still, keep all your threads integrated with your CRM.


Track how many incoming and outgoing messages you drive as an organization. Measure rep response rates and response times. Track opt-ins and opt-outs. Identify and resolve delivery errors quickly.


Know why digital-first staffing and recruitment agencies love us.


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Have a question?
Here to help!

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. If yours is not answered here, do not hesitate to email us [email protected].
How scalable is Conversive in terms of the ability to send messages to a large number of contacts?

Conversive messaging is adept at handling peak messaging loads without disruptions. We use message throttling, and carrier compliance checks to optimize and maximize delivery.

Does your messaging solution ensure secure candidate onboarding?

Yes. Our data security and compliance infrastructure ensures that sensitive candidate information – including personal and professional information – stays protected, and meets privacy and compliance standards while building trust with candidates.

How can Conversive enable compliance with staffing and recruitment regulations such as Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), and more?

Conversive helps you archive and retrieve messages easily and keeps them ready for auditing. This helps you keep records of all interactions you have with candidates, in turn reflecting your commitment to comply with these regulations.

Does Conversive enable real-time communication with candidates and clients?

Yes. Conversive messaging solution enables real-time, free-flowing, and smooth back-and-forth messaging with your candidates and clients. It’s the next best thing to talking on the phone or talking face-to-face, arguably, even better!

Can I send personalized interview reminders on SMS or WhatsApp using Conversive?

Absolutely! You won’t even need to trigger it 50 times for 50 candidates. Just templatize your interview reminder with the candidate’s name appointment date and time fields. Conversive picks that information and sends a personalized interview reminder to each of the 50 candidates with just one click.

I need to reach candidates across the globe. Which countries does Conversive support messaging for?

Conversive partners with telecom carriers across the globe and supports multi-regional compliances to help you send and receive messages with stellar delivery rates across 190+ countries. If you source candidates globally, Conversive is your messaging solution!

Can Conversive handle automated responses to candidates’ inquiries?

Conversive combines chatbot and AI capabilities to help you automatically answer candidate questions about interview scheduling, application status, etc. without you having to manually attend to them. It also automates follow-ups and reminders to ensure timely engagement.

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