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AI-assisted student messaging solution for education professionals and institutions.

Qualify inquiries, suggest financial services, and request KYC documents - over messaging that leverages AI, syncs with your financial services tech stack, and complies with regulations.

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Why Conversive

Make your student engagement prompt and meaningful. At every moment.

Be always available

Ensure accessibility, timely support, and global reach with 24x7 AI chatbots manning all your student touchpoints and messaging channels.

Leverage intelligence

Handle high-volume inquiries and offer personalized guidance cost-effectively. Integrate an AI messaging copilot with your student CRM.

Foster trust and accountability

Build the confidence of students and parents in your institute's mission and capabilities. Uphold messaging ethics using the AI trust layer.

Set Up Messaging On the Fly

Save time and resources otherwise spent on complex setup and development. Just install, use AI to define use cases, and start messaging.

Leverage AI-powered messaging to drive positive outcomes for your finserv business or institution

Attract and profile
new student

Start a dialogue with new student inquiries when they visit your website or see your promotions. Profile their interests and background to tailor your admissions outreach.

Qualify Enquiries

Counsel candidates
and parents

Guide prospective students in applying for the right course or program in line with their education goals. Address their concerns and share relevant program information.

Education Counsel Candidates

Promote courses
and programs.

Attract prospective students by highlighting the institution's unique selling points. Announce courses and application deadlines to recruit students and fill the seats.

Education Promote Courses

Speed up the
admission process.

Enable timely completion of admission formalities, financial aid, and travel arrangements if any. Ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience for applicants.

Education Speed Up Admissions

Drive student
success and

Share important program information to foster student success and engagement. Gather feedback at every milestone and encourage positive word-of-mouth.

Education Drive Student Success
readymade flows

Explore our ready-to-use AI-driven messaging flows for your financial services lifecycle

Generate inquiries

Attend to prospective students looking to apply with you.

Promote Programs

Promote new courses and academic programs to your database

Schedule campus visits

Book and confirm campus tours and appointments.

Engage with alumni

Send alerts for alumni events, university news, fundraising, etc.

Counsel students

Suggest the right courses and education options to candidates

Invite applications

Gather student applications, and supporting documents

Share program details

Send orientation details, the program schedule, and more


Enable financial aid

Help students complete the FAFSA form and apply for financial aid


Send campus alerts

Notify your student body of weather closures, safety alerts, etc.

Gather assignments

Request submissions from students as per course requirements

Promote events

Promote sporting, arts, and other campus events to your student body

Promote career services

Remind students about career fairs, internships, or job listings

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Explore Conversive AI-assisted messaging for your
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Success Stories

Learn how Conversive helps education
professionals and institutions succeed.


Get the right messaging solution for your
education agency or institution.


Let prospective students message you from your admissions website, phone line, social media account, or prospectus. Counsel students on their preferred channels - SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger.


Uphold the reputation of your university, college, or school by adhering to the highest standards of compliance like GDPR, TCPA, and FERPA. Automatically gather opt-ins and honor opt-outs.


Save and track all messages and files against student records in your student CRM and student information systems etc. Save students from having to repeat their requests to each representative.


Triage incoming student messages to respective staff members. Deploy shared inboxes to handle messages promptly. Assign messages to each other, leave internal notes, and create tasks.



Use an AI chatbot to answer common questions from your knowledge base automatically. Help students instantly know more about your courses, events, and processes—route special queries to employees.


Analyze the volume of incoming and outgoing messages. Measure response rates by staff members. Track opt-in and opt-out trends for different messages. Identify and resolve delivery errors if any.

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User Friendly

Uncomplicate student engagement using no-code messaging integrations with your systems. Edit templates, change phone numbers, add users or automate messages without IT dependencies.


Stay connected with prospective and existing students and alumni at the desk and on the road. Carry your student engagement superpowers with you while all information stays secure in your CRM.

Hand With Smartphone

Global Coverage

Communicate seamlessly with students, faculty, and staff worldwide prospective and existing students across the world with a single messaging solution - without delivery errors or delay.


Efficiently engage with an increasing number of students, faculty, and staff. Ensure all stakeholders receive course updates, and administrative notifications without performance issues.


Know why digital-first educational institutions and service providers love us.


Adopt messaging best practices for professional service providers and institutions

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Have a question?
Here to help!

Here are some of our most frequently asked
questions. If yours is not answered here, do not
hesitate to email us [email protected].

What is a messaging solution for education services and institutions?

A student messaging solution helps you drive engagement and interaction among educators, students, and staff over messaging channels like SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc. It enables real-time messaging, file sharing, and notifications, and fosters collaboration. It enhances learning experiences, drives student success, and strengthens your educational community.

Do you enable interactive communication between teachers and students?

Yes, interactive messaging is a core expertise of Conversive. You can use our one-to-one messaging capabilities to enable students to connect with teachers and for teachers to respond to students on an ongoing basis while storing the entire engagement history in your student CRM.

Do you enable ticket booking for extracurricular activities and automated event reminders?

Yes, we offer pre-built message flows for event booking and reminders fully integrated with the event and student information in your CRM. Using these you can automate event bookings based on student messages and schedule reminders to students ahead of the event.

Do you enable campaigns to engage prospective students or alumni?

Yes, Conversive offers powerful message campaign (aka bulk messaging) capabilities comparable to email marketing tools. You can integrate this with your inquiry generation and marketing automation tools. You can run one-time as well as drip/nurture campaigns to engage prospective and current students as well as alumni to drive enrolment and registrations.

Does Conversive integrate with school databases?

Yes, Conversive is an integration-first messaging solution. We deeply integrate with your student CRM and student database systems to help you send the right message to the right candidate across the student lifecycle. Every message you send using Conversive reflects a personal touch using relevant merge fields and honors consent.

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