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AI-assisted patient messaging solution for health and wellness providers.

Register new patients, book medical appointments, and share health information securely  - over messaging that leverages AI, syncs with your healthcare tech stack, and complies with HIPAA.

Why Conversive

Make your patient engagement prompt and meaningful. At every moment.

Be always available

Ensure seamless and timely communication with patients across multiple messaging channels and digital touchpoints using AI chatbots.

Leverage intelligence

Automate routine engagement, offer personalized health advice, and send real-time updates, by combining NLP with CRM integrated messaging.

Foster trust and accountability

Ensure the privacy and security of sensitive patient information with an AI-powered trust layer. Boost patient confidence and treatment compliance.

Set Up Messaging On The Fly

Focus on patient care, not technical setup. Ensure rapid and efficient patient engagement with readymade AI-powered use case templates.

Leverage AI-assisted messaging to drive positive outcomes for your healthcare and wellness services or institution.

Engage new
patient inquiries

Generate and engage new patient inquiries when they hit your website or view your promotions. Capture their health and wellness requirements promptly.

Healthcare Qualify Patients

Book consultation appointments

Easily fix and confirm appointments between patients and medical professionals for timely diagnosis. Remind them the day and the hour before to reduce no-shows.

Healthcare Book Consultation
Healthcare Book Appointment

Offer timely medical advice.

Respond promptly to patient inquiries or concerns about their health, symptoms, or medical conditions. Make them feel heard and in control of their wellness outcomes.

Consel Potential Candidates
Healthcare Offer Medical Advices

Share health reports securely

Send sensitive health information, such as medical records, test results, or diagnostic reports privately and promptly. Use encrypted file-sharing to ensure data security.

Healthcare Share Report Securely
Healthcare Share Health Report

Get patient feedback to assess satisfaction

Request patient and caregiver feedback in the form of satisfaction surveys. Measure and improve healthcare experiences to drive positive word-of-mouth and referrals.

Healthcare Get Patient Feedback
readymade flows

Explore our ready-to-use AI-assisted message flows for the healthcare and wellness lifecycle.

Register new patients

Cature basic details to onboard and enroll new patients

Gather consent

Obtain opt-ins to communicate over messaging channels

Recommend doctors

Suggest medical professionals and specialists based on patient needs

Exchange health reports

Securely share medical information and test results


Suggest treatment

Recommend a suitable course of action to meet wellness goals

Schedule check-ups

Arrange medical appointments for health assessments

Initiate follow-ups

Proactively reach out to patients for post-treatment monitoring

Offer prescription refills

Provide reorders of prescribed medications to patients

Healthcare Prescription Refills

Share wellness tips

Share valuable advice on preventing illnesses and keeping healthy

Healthcare Share Wellness Tips

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Success Stories

Learn how Conversive helps health and wellness
professionals and institutions succeed.


Get the right messaging solution for your
healthcare and wellness services


Allow prospective patients and wellness clients to enquire about your services over SMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger from your hospital or clinic website, helpline, social media, etc.


Ensure your hospital or clinic's trustworthiness by adhering to HIPAA standards. Easily manage patient communication with Bulk SMS, respecting both opt-ins and precise opt-outs.


Archive all patient messages and files in your CRM and Electronic Health Records (EHR) system. Use text messaging to centralize communication, eliminate need to ask for patient details repeatedly.


Channel incoming patient messages to the right medical professionals or departments. Utilize shared inboxes for quick responses. Assign queries internally, jot down notes for colleagues, and organize tasks.



Deploy chatbots to auto-respond to common inquiries. Enable patients to swiftly find out about services, appointments, and health reports. Direct technical questions to the right professionals.


Evaluate the influx and outflux of messages. Monitor response efficiency across staff members. Oversee opt-in and opt-out patterns for various notifications. Detect and amend any message delivery issues.

Combo Chart

User Friendly

Simplify patient interactions with no-code integrations to your existing systems. Modify templates, swap contact numbers, include users, or set automated messages without needing technical help.


Stay in touch with both new and returning patients whether you're in the clinic or on the road. Rest assured that all data remains safely stored in your healthcare CRM.

Hand With Smartphone


Accommodate surges in patient inquiries during busy seasons or public health crises. Efficiently provide critical information and support without compromising on performance or response times.


Know why digital-first healthcare and wellness providers love us.


Adopt messaging best practices for professional service providers and institutions

You want to help your healthcare clients feel great. Wellness tips sent via SMS-Magic text messaging give you the perfect, simple way to share ideas …

How many times does your office team have to call, then call again, to give patients simple updates? Updates that …

You want to help your healthcare clients feel great. Wellness tips sent via SMS-Magic text messaging give you the perfect, …

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Have a question?
Here to help!

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. If yours is not answered here, do not hesitate to email us [email protected].
Do you enable HIPAA-compliant messaging?

Yes, Conversive offers HIPAA compliant messaging. We are HIPAA/HITRUST compliant attested by HITECH associates. Our solution aligns with HIPAA requirements for ePHI (Electronic protected health information).

How do you ensure data privacy?

We transmit messages using RSA 2048 encryption – messages are “unreadable, undecipherable and unusable”. Secondly, we don’t store any PII (Personally Identifiable Information) at our end. All information is ultimately saved into your secure customer information systems which are accessible only via authorized employee log-ins.

Besides, the Conversive application is hosted in data centers in the U.S., Europe, and Australia. You can choose to store your data in any of these three locations. To ensure complete data security and privacy for our clients, we underwent ISO 27001 compliance certification in 2017.

Does Conversive enable archiving and data retention?

Yes. Conversive automatically archives all messages into your preferred and secure storage systems for compliance and record-keeping. These messages are also easily retrievable. You can search them by client name, phone number, or date. Conversive lets you control how long you want to store messages and documents exchanged over messages.

Does Conversive enable message tracking and auditing?

Yes. Conversive lets you monitor and track message delivery and read receipts, and message history for compliance and accountability purposes.

Yes, Conversive lets you enforce administrative controls and opt-in compliance for various types of outgoing messages. It also helps you automatically invite new patients to opt-in to receive messages from your organization. And checks outgoing messages for opt-in to avoid consent breaches.

Can I schedule personalized medication reminders using Conversive?

Yes, using Conversive you can automatically trigger medication reminders based on patient treatment plans recorded in your patient information systems or healthcare CRM. The right medication or prescription refill reminder would then go to your patients whenever it is due.

Do you enable patient appointment scheduling?

Yes, Conversive lets you manage your appointment process end-to-end over messaging, such that your patients or your staff don’t have to go through a phone call. You can send scheduling links via messages, you can confirm appointments over messages. And you can even remind patients the day or hour before the appointment to reduce no-shows.

Do you enable secure patient log-ins?

Yes, using Conversive you can set up OPT-based log-ins to prevent unauthorized access to patient health records and medical information. This messaging capability can be easily integrated with your healthcare portal or app.

Is Conversive compatible with mobile devices?

Yes, Conversive lets healthcare providers and staff access the messaging platform securely from smartphones and tablets to facilitate prompt, on-the-go engagement.

How does Conversive ensure critical messages are attended to?

Conversive provides timely notifications and alerts so critical messages are noticed and addressed promptly.

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