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Why Conversive

Make your client, candidate, or patient engagement prompt and meaningful. Always.

Be always available

We live in a world not limited by time and place. Clients, students, patients, and candidates expect you to be responsive across time and time zones, channels, and touchpoints, irrespective of your team size. Use AI chatbot for omnichannel inbound messaging to reach everyone, everywhere, and respond promptly every time.

Leverage Intelligence

Your service seekers are overloaded with irrelevant information. And you got to do more with less in this economy. Leverage CRM integration and natural language processing to scale engagement while ensuring it's meaningful to each recipient. Use AI messaging copilot to make team members more productive.

Foster Trust And Accountability

In a world full of spam and scams businesses have a hard time building trust. When you offer high-consideration services, you need compliant and two-way messaging to build lasting relationships. Use our AI-powered trust layer and granular consent management to filter inappropriate content.

Set up messaging on the fly

Time is money. Why reinvent the wheel, when technology is modular and customizable? Set up and drive messaging for all your lifecycle engagement needs without waiting for and spending on IT resources. Use AI-generated message templates and pre-built integrations to quickly set up your engagement use cases.

Drive positive outcomes every step of the way using Conversive messaging.

Welcome Inquiries

Let prospective clients, candidates, students, and patients reach you from anywhere - your website, phone, social media, email, and so on. Automatically attend to them using an AI chatbot.

Qualify Intent

Capture contact details and requirements to check if you are equipped to serve their needs and notify the right employees. Identify potential risks, conflicts of interest, or legal implications.

Gather Consent

Build your opt-in list by promptly gathering consent for messaging from new inquiries. Comply with regional and carrier messaging regulations such as 10DLC, TCPA, GDPR, CCPA, CASL, etc.

Promote Services

Run personalized rich-media campaigns over messaging by integrating Conversive with your marketing and email automation tools. Nurture inquiries and get higher responses and clickthroughs.

Lend Expertise

Use AI messaging copilot to address concerns of anxious yet time-poor clients, candidates, and patients over their preferred channel - messages. Build professional credibility and guide important decisions.

Book Appointment

Schedule and confirm appointments, consultations, meetings, visits, and interviews over messaging automatically using artificial intelligence. Remind them before the appointment to increase show rates.

Collect Documents

Use messaging to request verification documents and exchange contracts through messages to accelerate applications, registrations, filings, or onboarding. Speed up service operations.


Offer Prompt Services

Make it easy for your service seekers to ask for and get help without jumping hoops or hearing IVR music. Respond to and resolve service requests over messages.

Drive Advocacy

Automatically request feedback, reviews, and testimonials from those you serve over messages. Make it easy for them to respond in the micro-moments. Track service experience more effectively.

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Conversive is the top rated messaging solution for Salesforce users

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ISV Partner of the Year Award

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Trailblazer of the Year Award

Salesforce APAC
ISV Partner of the Year Award


Explore Conversive’s ready-to-use messaging flows for your domain.


Generate and qualify new inquiries for loans, insurance, investment, and so on. Advise prospects on financial decisions and speed up application and onboarding. Enable timely transactions and resolve requests across the customer lifecycle, while honoring consent and privacy.


Attract and profile new student inquiries. Counsel candidates and parents in applying for the right course or program. Enable timely completion of admission formalities and travel arrangements if any. Drive student success and referrals, while honoring consent and privacy.

Homepage Education Industry Section

Health & Wellness

Counsel and register new patient inquiries and connect them with the right specialists. Enable timely diagnosis and treatment; drive post-treatment follow-ups and share wellness tips. Stay HIPAA compliant while exchanging protected health information and honor consent at all times.

Homepage Healthcare and Wellness Section

Staffing & Recruitment

Announce open positions to candidates who meet the eligibility criteria. Invite candidate applications, screen candidates and coordinate assessment and onboarding to fill positions on time. Gather candidate and employer feedback. And always honor consent and privacy.

Real Estate & Property

Capture new inquiries and advise property buyers and sellers. Promote open houses and drive negotiations and agreements to fill vacant units or sell properties faster. Coordinate property maintenance and rent collection. Drive referrals while respecting consent and privacy.


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Your role in the health and wellness industry focuses on the well-being of your patients, and even though keeping them on track may be hard …

Your role in the health and wellness industry focuses on the well-being of your patients, and even though keeping them …

Your role in the health and wellness industry focuses on the well-being of your patients, and even though keeping them …

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Have a question?
Here to help!

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. If yours is not answered here,  pls email us at [email protected]

What is messaging for high-stakes conversations?

Messaging for high-stakes conversations enables one-to-one business-to-customer engagement that directly impacts financial and emotional outcomes (such as in financial services, healthcare, education, recruitment, real estate, or law).

In these interactions, timely and trusted engagement is key to driving positive outcomes for both the service provider and the service recipient.

What are the unique messaging needs of high-stakes business-to-customer conversations?

Businesses that have high-stakes conversations with customers (about money, education, career, health, property, or law) need timely and trusted one-to-one engagement. Because of the ‘stakes’ involved, the client, candidate, or patient is in a vulnerable position and the engagement has to be that much more sensitive and helpful. 

Such businesses need messaging that’s always available, intelligently automated, compliant & secure, and ready to use.

How is Conversive different from other texting solutions?

Conversive builds upon SMS-Magic’s messaging expertise to fulfill the four unique needs of high-stakes conversations. With Conversive, you can make one-to-one digital engagement with your clients, candidates, or patients:

  1. Always available
  2. Intelligently automated
  3. Compliant and secure
  4. Ready to use

Conversive messaging, thus, ensures timely and trusted engagement to drive positive outcomes at every moment in your customer lifecycle.

How is Conversive different from a communication API provider?

Conversive offers readymade message flows which you can get started with from day one. The latter offers you messaging APIs that need development or IT skills to integrate with your tech stack.

How is Conversive different from a bulk messaging provider?

Conversive enables meaningfully personalized and compliant two-way messaging across the engagement lifecycle. The latter offers you one-way, spray-and-prey bulk messages that aim for conversions without conversations (the norm in industries like retail and eCommerce).

How long does it take to generate ROI from Conversive?

With Conversive, professional services and institutions can get up and running from day one. Within 30 days, you will see a definite increase in new inquiries, deeper one-to-one engagement, reductions in no-shows, faster paperwork, higher conversions, and improved customer satisfaction.

Do you offer managed onboarding?

Yes, you can enjoy our managed onboarding services. We have an experienced in-house team and a certified partner network dedicated to setting you up for success.

What kind of messaging compliances do you enable?

Conversive enables advanced and granular compliance management to help you comply with a wide range of messaging regulations such as 10DLC, TCPA, CCPA, CASL, GDPR, ASA, HIPAA, and more. Besides, our data security and archiving capabilities enable you to adhere to various industry-specific compliances. (We are also coming up with an AI-powered spam detection).

Do you offer product training or support?

Yes! Our rich product guides come in handy for both technical and business users trying to get the most out of Conversive. Plus, we offer 24×5 product support for everything from minor troubleshooting to major configurations. By the way, our support has been rated the best by hundreds of users.

What client data do you store and where? How do you ensure data security and privacy?

We store minimal customer contact and SMS information at our end. The Conversive application is hosted in data centers in the U.S., Europe, and Australia. You can choose to store your data in any of these three locations. To ensure complete data security and privacy for our clients, we underwent ISO 27001 compliance certification in 2017.

Further, Conversive transmits messages using RSA 2048 encryption – messages are “unreadable, undecipherable and unusable”. We also don’t store any PII (Personally Identifiable Information) at our end. All information is ultimately saved into your secure customer information systems which are accessible only via authorized employee log-ins.

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